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I design user-focused experiences with an emphasis on ethics and human needs.

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About me

Openness is the key to achieving
great results.
I believe that honesty and transparency are crucial components of successful communication and achieving great results.
Meaningful software for humans.
I believe that people don't deserve to be flooded with useless software. Nevertheless, one should not immediately put all ideas out of one's mind, but consider their impact on users.
People first, building an environment people like working in.
Human-Centered Design is concerned with users and their needs. However, we should focus not only on the consequences for individuals, but also for society.
UX is more than just putting elements together.
Often, UX design and the required knowledge are underestimated. If we want to design for people and society, we need knowledge about design, psychology, and ethics. I was strongly involved with these components in my bachelor's and master's thesis.

Stop wasting time, start making the world a better place.

My priority is to ensure that users are provided with ethical and responsible design that benefits them. If you are interested in exploring this topic further, I would be delighted to engage in a productive dialogue with you.
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