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Planning the evening easier than ever.

Four Screens of the App Fitwell that show the App Overview, the Nutrition Site, the Activity Site and the Mindfulness Site

The problem solved

Organising a evening out with friends can be challenging as information about events is scattered on different platforms and channels and may not reach potentially interested people. It can be frustrating to arrive at an event and find that the venue is already full and admission is no longer possible.
Mockup of the Fitwell App, that shows the Overview Site. Here, the user can see his health level.
Project details


Eventeers is the result of a collaboration with four other students, Raphael Binder, Julian Gänsbauer, Christina Heigl and Julius Walter. For this project we applied the methods of Lean UX.

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First, we conducted research and examined, among other things, already existing apps on the market and where there are still problems. To find out the exact problems of the users, we created personas.

Declare Assumptions

The next step was to declare assumptions about our target group, the solution to the problem and the market.


Based on the assumptions, we made hypotheses and sub-hypothesis which we later tested weekly.

Testing Phase

Weekly we added features to our product based on our hypotheses. We then tested with five persons each week and improved the features. This approach allowed us to get a lot of feedback from users quickly.


The application of Lean UX enabled the rapid development and incorporation of features as well as frequent user feedback. However, it can be easy to lose sight of the goal and include too many features.

The result