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Fitwell Logo, a blue letter F


An ethical compliant sports motivation and nutrition app

Four Screens of the App Fitwell that show the App Overview, the Nutrition Site, the Activity Site and the Mindfulness Site

The problem solved

Sports motivation and nutrition apps are designed to help users lead healthier lives. However, these are often accompanied by negative consequences for the user, such as stress, loss of autonomy, lack of data security, inaccurate and invalid data, stress and other damage, some of which has not yet been proven. Thus, as part of my bachelor thesis, I investigated what ethical implications the design of sports motivation and nutrition apps has on the user and developed the concept for an ethics-compliant app as a conclusion.
Mockup of the Fitwell App, that shows the Overview Site. Here, the user can see his health level.
Project details


The primary goal of the bachelor thesis was to research how to design health apps in an ethical way and what health and well-being mean. Thus, the main part was literature research, the concept for the app was developed within two weeks.

Download thesis (german)

Value identification

A prerequisite for developing an ethics-compliant design is to be aware of the values. For this purpose, an Ethics Canvas was used, from which I derived the values autonomy/self-determination, quality of life, well-being, trust, security, self-image and privacy.


For the development of the concept I first developed a flow diagram, which should visualize different user stories. Then I created an information architecture and developed first low fidelity paper wireframes, which I then created in a higher fidelity as a Figma prototype.


For the UI design, I first developed a style guide that defined colors, typography, and recurring graphic elements. I chose calming and trustworthy colors like white and blue tones. The font should be simple and pleasant.


The mockup was created from the concept and style guide and was tested on five people. The results of these user tests were incorporated into the final result.
The final concept of Fitwell includes the categories "Activity", "Mindfulness", and "Nutrition". Since health is defined by physical and mental health, the focus is on these two areas.

The result



You get an overview of the current "Health Level". This is composed of the factors "Nutrition", which describes the nutrient and calorie intake, "Energy", which is composed of sleep and training, and "Mind", where previous meditations and the stress level are evaluated.



In order not to endanger user autonomy and to ensure that users listen to their own bodies, it is possible to make adjustments here if the self-image does not match this evaluation.



Individual training suggestions are provided under "Activity" based on the muscle groups used or "Health Level". For instance, if the upper body muscles are sore, it is suggested to rest or do something else.



The "Mindfulness" category generates meditation recommendations based on the state of the mind.



It's important to avoid developing stress and compulsions related to nutrition, such as eating disorders. Fitwell shows a range of calories or nutrients you're currently consuming and reminds you to eat enough if you haven't. It also suggests foods based on your nutrient needs and reminds you to listen to your body.



The app offers adjustable settings for user autonomy, including the ability to specify guided or self-determined modes. Health data is collected only for evaluation and users can easily opt-out of data protection provisions.