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GDS Platform

A platform for project management and collaboration

Four Screens of the App Fitwell that show the App Overview, the Nutrition Site, the Activity Site and the Mindfulness Site

The problem solved

Collaboration among students from different countries can be challenging due to time differences, communication barriers, and physical distance. To address these obstacles, universities should develop new approaches, particularly for interdisciplinary projects.
Mockup of the Fitwell App, that shows the Overview Site. Here, the user can see his health level.
Project details

GDS Platform

This project was developed in collaboration with Selina Haas, also from the UXD Master, for Global Design Studios (GDS). GDS is an association of teachers from different disciplines in Germany, Canada and Australia. While Selina focused on the UI Design, I focused on the VR View and the final video. The UX concept we created together.

Watch final video


At the start of the project, we identified the issues, carried out interviews, and built personas.


We have created an information architecture and made initial sketches to ensure a clear and organized presentation of the information.

Paper Prototype

We created a paper prototype which we used for expert testing.


Based on the testing with the paper prototype, we created wireframes in Figma.


For the user interface we created a stuileguide. It should make fun to use GDS platform, thus we decided to use playful color and rounded shapes.

UI Design

Based on the concept and style guide, Selina created the UI design. We improved it based on user tests and expert feedback.

VR Design

The VR Room was created using spline.design. In this room, students around the world can meet virtually, with VR glasses.

The result