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Automating the synchronization of medication intake.

The problem solved

The lack of nurses means that the workload for a single nurse is very high. With a large number of patients to care for, nurses have an increased workload and face high levels of time pressure which can lead to errors. Complex procedures further exacerbate the situation and place a significant burden on the healthcare system.
Mockup of the Fitwell App, that shows the Overview Site. Here, the user can see his health level.
Project details


MediSync was developed as part of the bachelor course "Designing Minimal Lovable Digital Products". The task was to find an arbitrary problem, do research on it, and design a concept as a solution.

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I have identified the issues with medication administration in nursing facilities and the needs through methods such as the How-Might-We Question and the Value Proposition Canvas.


For the development of the concept I first developed a flow diagram, and created an information architecture.

WireframeS I

I created low-fidelity paper wireframes based on the information architecture and did some first user tests.

Wireframes II

Based on the paper wireframes, I created wireframes in Figma. I then tested them again.


For the user interface of the health sector, I chose colors that promote a sense of calmness. I used blue tones and a bright orange accent adding a pop of color. In addition, I defined appropriate text styles for effective and visually appealing overall design. I also defined further design elements like buttons and cards.

UI Design

Based on the concept and style guide, I created the UI design. I iteratively improved it based on user tests and expert feedback.


To finish the project, I designed a logo for MediSync using pills to form the letter "M" and created an animation with After Effects.

The result


The Logo represents four pills, that are put together to the letter "M" for MediSync.


The MediSync application was originally intended for use on tablets, due to their portability and ability to display content clearly. However, if the project were to be executed, user testing would be necessary to determine whether the tablet is indeed the best device or if it can be adapted for use on other devices as well.