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Imagefilm heartease

Heartease is specialized in meditations, nutrition, and health. I filmed and edited her promotional video. Therefore, I also created a logo animation to the logo which I have designed before.

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GDS Platform

This project was developed in collaboration with Selina Haas, also from the UXD Master, for Global Design Studios (GDS). GDS is an association of teachers from different disciplines in Germany, Canada and Australia. While Selina focused on the UI Design, I focused on the VR View and the final video. The UX concept we created together.

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WeatherBuddy is the result of a two-week sprint of the UXD Masters interaction design course. The challenge was to design a weather app without using text and to incorporate climate change as a theme. We, Vaishnavi Burhade and I, specialized in an app specifically for children. The video shows scrolling through the screen, changing weather conditions with additional sound effects.

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During the Management Cup Bayern business game, our team of five people created a hypothetical company called Bluboard. We learned important skills related to starting and managing a business. As the designer of the team, my responsibilities included designing the logo and creating an animation for our presentation.

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Workout Series

During the lockdown, Gladiators Gym Ingolstadt wanted to make workouts available online. For this, I filmed the workouts and then cut videos from them. The result is a workout series of 13 videos.

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Gladiator Nutrition

In addition to the workout videos, we also created a Gladiator Nutrition series. For this I filmed and edited three videos. I am still producing  videos for @gladiatorsgym76's Instagram account since 12/21.

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